Velocity Urgent Care partners Dr. Aleksandr Gorenbeyn and Dr. John Yaylagul share over two decades of experience in emergency rooms caring for patients. After listening to thousands of patients’ concerns, the growing need for additional urgent care facilities became increasingly clear. More patients were spending many hours in the emergency room to receive basic health care. ER visits were not only costly and time consuming but often described as impersonal.

Realizing that patients were frustrated with the lack of health care options available, Dr. Gorenbeyn and Dr. Yaylagul were motivated to make a difference. Their mission became to create more urgent care facilities in Connecticut, and recently opened Velocity Urgent Care.

“We understand that health concerns can arise at a moment’s notice. Especially on nights and weekends, making an appointment to see a primary care physician may be difficult and an emergency room visit may not be necessary. That is why we provide flexible hours for patients while providing the same quality of care at an affordable price,” says Dr. Gorenbeyn. Dr. Gorenbeyn and Dr. Yaylagul are both experienced Emergency Medicine Specialists.